So just a little info on me. In the first picture I was 14, I was underweight, 54kg and 5'8 and I hated being how skinny I was. I started my fitness journey completely clueless on how to get bigger and fitter in general. I took up swimming 3x a week for months, I took a picture every month to look for progress, surprise surprise I didn't find any for 4 months. After that I tried to change how I went about it completely, I then took up a fitness class at boxing, it was alright, I gained more cardio fitness then actual strength, I also starting gaining a bit of weight but not really muscle. I was on protein shakes to help gain that weight of course, I don't take them anymore though. After a few more months I asked my half brother who's really into bodybuilding, he's big but not educated, (believes into a shit ton of bro science) I was doing a full body workout of compound and isolated exercises with dumbbells 1 time a week along with my boxing, I still wondered why I wasn't making any gains (in hindsight I see now). After a few months of that, I then dropped any strength training gave up, I thought I was hopeless and a hard gainer who could never build muscle, but I kept on boxing because I enjoyed the sport. Then I decided to take up callisthenics after watching THENX, they're really motivating, I didn't do there workouts, all I did was press ups, pull ups and sit ups. I did this 2x a week along with the boxing that was 2x a week. this was, in my opinion, the real start of my gains, but of course, I didn't make many gains with this, I made little, but after I saw I actually made some this was me actually having hope again. I did a shit ton of research about callisthenics and if it's worth it etc, then I found this subreddit, (not knowing it had a RR) and here's where I asked my questions about callisthenics. And about 2-3 months ago I found out about the RR and started. I'm so happy for this subreddit for the advice it continues to give me, right now I can do some fairly advanced moves, eg muscle ups, one arm pushups, archer pull ups, L sit. The after picture is of my now, 16, 64kg, biggest I've ever been, I think i'm 11% bf but you can correct me if you are good at estimating. I know I'm definitely not big yet but I actual have hope of being bigger. Before and after pic - []( Just wanted to share this with the community to thank you guys and also to show anyone who was like me when I was 14 to show that it is possible to get bigger even if you think you're a 'hard gainer' like I did.