I'm a 48 year-old male, 5'9", 155 lbs. I have basically been exercising for the last 20+ years with little to show for it. Sure, if I look at pictures from 15 years past and now I see that my upper body developed a bit, but I've also seen people get the same results after six months at the gym. I have done martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Ninjutsu, Aikido) in my teens/late 20s/early 30s, so I know it allows for the development of fast muscle fibers but not volume. After that I lifted weights for some time, but after my previous training where every class is different, doing the same thing every day bored me fast. I endured the training, but I was bored to death with weightlifting. After a few hand and shoulder injuries resulting from the weight I was handling, and longing for more variety, I started to look into bodyweight exercises. I found the YAYOG app, which provides a nice progression. I did that for a year or two. Later I found the TouchFit GSP app for iPhone, which is more like HIIT/martial arts training, and I stuck with it for a few years, alternating my exercise days between the two. Then I heard about Convict Conditioning and did that for a while but had to abandon it due to some lower back issues (assuming they came from all the bridges I had to do, which were a little painful). In that time, I noticed my shoulders started developing more than ever. I went back to TouchFit for a while until I recovered, and then found here a reference to Stew Smith's SEAL training. I did that for a few months where I mastered doing hundreds of pushups/squats, etc. but it consists of always doing the same exercises so I got tired of it after about six months. I also kept doing TouchFit on my 'off' days. TouchFit helped me achieve (probably) the best aerobic training level I had in my life as far as performance, but after a few years using it I didn't see any growth in the mirror. I was toned, for sure, but still skinny. I was about 155 lbs. at the time, 15.7% body fat. I saw references here to "Get Strong" by the Kavadlo brothers. Reading more, I realized that maybe I had been doing the wrong kind of exercises for muscle growth, so I started to follow the program from the start, which felt like a vacation considering I was doing hundreds of pushups a day. I looked for information on dieting and 'if you want to grow, you have to eat more' stuck with me, so I did that. My weight went up to 159, but also gained 3% body fat. I tried to dial down the carbs to bring the fat % down, but as of this morning I'm back to 155 lbs, 19.2% bf. Muscle mass seems to have plunged by 2 pounds. What the hell. Lately I was alternating between Get Strong and TouchFit on my off days (I do 20 minutes instead of 40 as I was doing before). I had to restart Get Strong because of a tendon issue from hanging down from a bar, but as I needed to dial down the amount of reps I did vs. SEAL training I feel I lost some muscle mass. I don't feel as strong as I was before. So I'm still considering to keep on the Get Strong program because I know it will get more intense in the long term, but alternate it with other things. In fact, I'm thinking of doing one day from each program I've done each day of the week. That at least should prevent it from becoming routine. Something like: Monday: SEAL training (to start fresh after the weekend and punish myself :)Tuesday: YAYOGWednesday: TouchFitThursday: Running/Cycling(?)Friday: Convict Conditioning I will be pushing myself with this program, but I have also read that you need to give your body a break in order to avoid injury, so it's hard for me to find the point of balance between "I'm training hard, maybe too hard" (and injure myself) and "I'm not doing much and going nowhere". My goal is to achieve muscle growth, but also the ability to maintain physical fitness. I know I'm leaving stuff out, but I try to eat healthy. Fruits, no fried stuff, whole grain bread (not everyday), vegetables, lean cuts. A typical weekday is: \-Pre workout: Fruit, 1tbsp peanut butter-Post workout: Coffee, fruit, 1 scoop protein powder.-Lunch: 6-8 oz meat, salad, 1/2 cup rice.-Snacks: Fruit, handful of almonds, 1 scoop protein powder.-Dinner: 6 oz meat, salad. I may indulge in a burger with fries occasionally, but not every weekend. Any ideas/recommendations? Thanks! Note: I did try to educate myself on nutrition, the different kinds of training and how the body works, but maybe I haven't found the right answers.