I’ve been advertising on Eros for two years now and the other day I attempted to re-list my ad and they kicked it back saying that they need 5 of my pictures to include my face. 5 of the pictures that have been on my listing for 6-8 months and that never included my face, they are now requiring that I send the same pictures with my face still in them. I explained that the pictures were taken without my face showing and that I’m also not willing to send them face pictures beyond the required verification for privacy reasons. I understand that Eros has a reputation of having a lot of Bait & Switch, but I’m an established provider and there’s never been any issue with that on my end. I was also told by an assistant to some providers in the area that ladies are pulling out of Eros because they have some affiliation with LE and the government. Those two things are enough for me to look elsewhere. I’m not a Twitter type, so where else can I advertise? I’m on P411 and Erotic Monkey, but it’s not enough right now. Please help.