Recently built a tool providing a real-time, direct link between donors and recipients (living on ~$2 a day or less). Donors can send cash to very low-income people and exchange messages (e.g., confirmation message, a SMS indicating how the gift was used). Wondering whether it is worthwhile to make it open via API, so that anyone could integrate an option to make direct cash transfers to globally poor people into products, sites, etc.

My question is if people would use such an API, or more specifically:

a. What are the use cases / potential needs solved that would motivate developers to use the API (e.g., something for people to use for side projects to develop skills, a way to encourage more customer spending)?

b. Are financial incentives important (e.g., developers keep 1% of transfers sent through their application)?

c. What other motivations might be there for use?

Curious to hear thoughts.