Armenian law office - Tigrog carries out an important investigation against Apple Inc. A group of young people, headed by an experienced lawyer, Tigran Ohanian a prosecutor in the recent past, identified serious violations by Apple. With comprehensive evidence, Mr. Ohanian approved, that during 7 years, there was a security breach in the software Apple (iOS) because of the lack of double verification, which has allowed to get access to an undetermined number of people to iMessage correspondence, FaceTime calls and other important functions. The fact is that in cases when any user of Apple devices associated his Apple ID with a phone number, which for various reasons was previously used by other persons who previously associated it with their Apple ID, iMessage correspondence and FaceTime calls were duplicated on devices of previous owners. Only forced re-association of Apple ID by previous owners of such phone numbers was able to prevent such cases. The long-standing threat of re-stored SIM cards was manifested in a particular case, which is investigating by the company Tigrog. Young people, some of which graduates of Armenian universities, are ready to present the results of their work to the whole world, including examining material evidence in the presence of the public - the iPhone, which contains all the evidence supporting lawyers' arguments. Correspondence, photos, videos, FaceTime calls addressed to USA citizen unbeknown to Tigrog investigator, contain in the telephone, which is carefully persisted by lawyers as important evidence. Tigran Ohanian informed Apple support service and Tim Cook personally about the violations, after which Apple Inc. introduced the technology of double verification when creating Apple ID, as well as associating with phone numbers. But it is obvious the ​response and counter-action that followed from Apple in regards to the raised issue were not coherent or commensurable relative to the risks posed by the crude breach of privacy and the leakage of confidential information. So why did it take place and what was happening during the previous 7 years? Tigrog and its Head personally are ready to give answers to these questions to society and the world. Follow Us: