San Jose Solar Battery Install Company | Semper Solaris | 2505 Amaral Court Hayward, CA 94544 | (650) 229-5655 | Subscribe to our San Jose Solar Battery Install Company channel: Find us on Google Maps: Visit our local San Jose Solar Battery Install Company page: Should you buy battery storage with solar panels? Short answer: YES! What most customers don't know, and what most solar contractors forget to mention, is that a solar battery storage system can counteract your utility company's on/off-peak hours by storing and using energy during off-peak hours, and selling your surplus energy back to the gird during on-peak hours. This means you won't just be saving money, but you may actually be generating a return of up to 53% by adjusting to changing utility rates. Smart battery storage systems like the Tesla Powerwall batteries have intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards that let you view your usage and adjust your storage settings on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Get in touch with a Semper Solaris representative today and find out how you can use battery storage to maximize the return on your solar investment! Pairing Semper Smart Storage with solar maximizes your investment and ensures your financial return, no matter what the utility throws at you, so take control today and declare your energy independence. Check out other San Jose Solar Battery Install Company videos: