The perfect combination of design and new digital technology engineering. Sleek and compact, keeps you connected to all the local TV content you want. Built in 4G LTE Filter – Shields against interference and blocks unwanted 3G/4G signals for noise-free reception. Smartpass Amplifier – Delivers correct range reception from 55 to 65 miles in diameter. Dual Omni-directional reception complete coverage pattern- Engineered with a vertical rod to pick up more channels and powerful enough to feed multiple TVs throughout your home. Simple set-up easy for DIY – The simple set-up design enables you to quickly install and easily connect within minutes. Durable exterior & water resistant – Provides clear pictures and full channel capacity even during inclement weather. Stylish design – It’s sleek and compact design blends in well with the interior or exterior of your home. Perfect for RV and home use- Not only for home use, but perfectly suited for RV use. Google search key word : antopusa to learn more.