Check out the official Krampus Comedy 2018 trailer starring Martin Hoi the strongest man in the world, in the role of Chef Krampus! Forget Freddy! Forget Jason! The Krampus is coming! US Release Date: July 1th, 2018 Starring: Savo Todorovic, Katharina Oberleitner, Jennifer Krejza, Lisa-Janine Oberleitner, Stefanie Heinsch, Martin Hoi – as the ‚Chief Krampus‘ Directed By: Peter Citti Synopsis: 3 pretty girls have a big problem, it's Krampus day! That would not be so bad if the three nice young ladies did not have the same lover: Tom. The Krampus are determined to end the eager love activities of the 3 girls hand-tight. The chaos is inevitable. It’s krampus day! Watch More Krampus Movies: ► Krampus Trailers: ► Krampus Comedies: Fuel Your Krampus Movie Obsession: ► Like us on FACEBOOK: ► Follow us on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO: ► Follow us on GOOGLE+ Krampus online: ► Follow us on YOUTUBE: The FMC – Filmmakers Company KRAMPUS ONLINE channel delivers hot new trailers, teasers, and sneak peeks for the next krampus comedies. Subscribe to stay up to your favorite streaming platform. #KRAMPUS #Filmmaking #FMC-FILMMAKERSCOMPANY