Jobiki is a platform where the job seeker can look for the best place to work for them. We use photos, benefits, amenities, location data, and other unique company information to give you a picture of what the company culture is like.

The big idea is to allow the job seekers to find companies that align with their personal brand and lifestyle. This, in turn, allows companies to get candidates who believe in the company first. Then, place them in the open positions at the company that they fit with.

Our ideal users are people who care about culture/company fit more than just job fit. The ideal company for Jobiki is those who prove the value of their employee as much as their bottom line.

We mainly have companies in Minneapolis and Sioux Falls, so we may not be in your area yet. But, what we would love is, if you could take a look and try it out. Tells us what you’d like to see, what we could improve on, and any concerns or other comments you have.

We are still in beta and building out the platform. We have a lot of work to do, and some cool new features soon, but would love your feedback.

Alex @aguggs Nathan @nguggs